Light Tracer Render is the tool to produce photorealistic renderings interactively, in both desktop Web browser and standalone Windows application. Based on a physically-correct unbiased ray tracing engine working on any graphics card, both discrete NVIDIA/AMD GPUs and Intel iGPUs.


The project was started in 2019 as a showcase of technology that we have developed allowing interactive path tracing in the web. It has become possible due to latest advances in webassembly and WebGL2 support by browsers.

Now, year later, Light Tracer Render have evolved into full-featured product making photorealistic graphics easily accessible! Though we plan to actively develop it furher, adding more rendering features, improving performance and providing integrations with other apps.

The focus of the product is on usability, rendering speed and "lightness" of the app which, among other benefits, allows us to run it in the web. This puts Light Tracer Render in alignment with Handmade network ideas.

The web version is free to use and does not require registration. Standalone Windows version has a free 14-day trial period without any restrictions in functionality and watermarks.